12 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Minimalist

After becoming a minimalist, holiday gift-giving and receiving became more complicated. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love gift-giving, and I truly cherish all of the gifts I receive, but I try to be more thoughtful and practical since I decluttered 60% of my belongings.

Here are 12 practical and thoughtful gifts ideas for the minimalist in your life.

Quip toothbrush $30-55

These beautifully designed electric toothbrushes are affordable, waterproof, and travel-friendly. They include a 2-minute timer to keep you on track for a dentist-recommended brushing experience. I’ve had a Quip toothbrush for a year now and can honestly say brushing my teeth is one of my favorite parts of the day.

A new planner (or notebook) and stickers $12-$45

What can I say, I’m a sucker for paper products. These planners and notebooks from ban.do are fun and colorful.

Down feather slippers $29

These booties are a treat for your feet, and they come in lots of colors!

Essential oils

I like to keep essential oils in my purse for when I need a boost, or am just feeling crummy. I recommend peppermint for focus and lavender for relaxation. Do your research to make sure you’re purchasing good-quality oils, as there are a lot of knock-off products out there.

Local spices

I love gifts that I can consume, because they don’t feel like extra clutter. Spices are a great gift because you can get creative with various blends.

A crate of fresh oranges $28-$40

Did you know December is the best time for citrus fruits?! I love eating oranges over the holidays; it balances out all of the refined sugar and heavy gravy I consume.

Potted plants, air plants, or a DIY planting kit $20-$50

Having green things in the home makes me happier, which is why I love giving and receiving plants.

Uber or Lyft gift cards

These are arguably the least flashy and most practical item on the list, but hey, I love receiving these things. I know it will get used and get me where I need to go.

Airbnb gift cards

Ahh, the gift of travel. Added bonus, these gift cards never expire! You can buy from various retailers in-store or online.

DIY recipe cards

I’ve been making these recipe cards and sending them off to family members for the past 3 years. They’re always a hit, and I only have to pay printing and mailing costs.

Meaningful ornaments

If you know the Minimalist in your life still decorates a Christmas tree, then an ornament can be a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Think of some milestones that happened during the year, and gift an ornament to commemorate the event. My mom gifts me an ornament each year, and now I have a wonderful collection of memories from my childhood and adolescence.

Ask them what they want! (Or ask for a link to their Amazon wish list)

This is the most surefire way to get a minimalist something they actually want and are guaranteed to use.

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