Creativity Is An Action && How To Build Creative Community

Zinefest is my favorite day of the year. I get to spend a whole day talking to people in my community about creativity, writing, design, and activism. This year I debuted a zine called Creativity Is An Action.

This zine was made for anyone who wants to start making things, but doesn’t know where to start. It’s a distillation of all the podcasts I listened to and books I read when I was searching for the tools and resources to build a more creative life. It includes small, actionable activities to get you started on your first creative project, and then introduces you to the idea of building a larger, more complex project.

If you want a digital copy of this workbook for free, here it is :)

If you’d prefer a physical copy to be mailed to your doorstep, they are available for sale on my Etsy shop for $10. This one comes with all the fixins, i.e. a 3x5 index card and mini collage kit so you can write your own Creative Manifesto.

Keep reading for a preview of what’s in the workbook!

Creativity is an action
Creativity is an action
Creativity is an action

I want to highlight a section of this zine that has been extra important to me lately: Building Community.

Zinefest and the zine community have been instrumental in my growth as a creative. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start this blog if it weren’t for their friendly voices encouraging me to keep creating and to show up for myself. I am so grateful for all of their support!

So how does one get involved in a supportive, creative community like this one?

Step 1: Put it out in to the Universe that you’re looking for a welcoming, supportive creative community

This sounds woo-woo but I believe intention is 50% of the process. Think about the kind of group you’d like to be part of. Write down some criteria that would let you know you’ve found the right group.

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Step 2: Attend some meet ups, classes, or networking events to get to know people who might be part of these groups

Here are some suggestions from my workbook: 

  • Social media &

  • Find your local zine community. Zinesters are some of the best people I’ve ever met!

  • Art, music, and cultural events

  • Classes and workshops

  • Make your own! Organize weekly writing meet ups, ‘stitch n’ bitch,’ or collage nights.

Step 3: Find a friend in one of these groups and get to know them better

Take them to coffee, talk about your creative projects, and actually start building a friendship

Step 4: Think about what value you add to the group

Building community involves a healthy serving of both give and take. If it’s a kind and welcoming group of creatives, you are likely going to receive a lot of support as you work on your project. But you have a lot to give too! How could you help others in the group? What do you bring to the table? Maybe it’s as simple as bringing food to the meet up. You probably have many amazing skills, don’t hide them from your new creative community!

Step 5: Continue showing up

Attend the group’s events, help organize, and donate if you can.

Building community is a process, so don’t worry about rushing it. It should feel natural, although it may be scary at first!

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