Declutter Your Fantasy Self And Let Your Authentic Self Shine

Lately I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of minimalist YouTube channels. Several videos kept popping up titled, “Decluttering My Fantasy Self” and I was intrigued. I’d never heard of the "fantasy self" concept before, but something about it felt familiar. As I watched a couple of these videos, I learned that our "fantasy self" is the version of ourselves that only exists in our utopia version of the world, rather than reality.

We may have multiple fantasy selves. For example, one of my fantasy selves is a super snappy professional who always wears high heels. Another version is a snow bunny who spends every winter snowboarding on the slopes.

In reality, I hardly ever wear high heels and I don’t even enjoy snowboarding all that much.

So why do I own multiple pairs of high heels and a snowboard?

This is where the decluttering comes in to play. At a certain point in our minimalist journey, we will come face-to-face with all the stuff that belongs to our fantasy selves.

The "fantasy self" decluttering framework will likely produce different results than the Marie Kondo method, which urges us to hold each item close to our body and ask, “does this bring me joy?” But what about the objects that do bring us joy, but never actually get used?

Chances are, these are items that reflect your fantasy self.

After coming face-to-face with my fantasy selves, I got rid of my snowboard and my high heels. Those items were really just suffocating the authentic version of myself, the version I actually want to give to the world.

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I challenge you to make a list of your fantasy selves, and declutter your belongings with them in mind. You might be surprised at those skeletons lurking in the closet—You may find yourself getting rid of all your bikinis that never get worn or the china set that you swore would make you Miss Entertainer.

What are your fantasy selves? What are your favorite minimalist youtube channels? Let me know down in the comments!

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Declutter Your Fantasy Self And Let Your Authentic Self Shine!