Super Simple DIY Photo Recipe Cards

I got the idea for these recipe cards from one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Almost Makes Perfect. (Her process is a bit different from mine, so be sure to check hers out — especially if you have a photo printer at home!) I ended up making my own and sending them off to family members during the holidays. To make these, I used Adobe inDesign, but you could easily use Microsoft Word or another design program that you are comfortable using.

DIY Photo Recipe Cards

Step 1:

Decide which recipes you want to make and buy all the ingredients. In order to make these recipe cards, you have to make each dish and then take photos. (ok, you don’t HAVE to, but it does add a very personal touch!) It may be worthwhile to plan to make these recipe cards several weeks in advance, so you can plan to make each dish over a month or two instead of all at once. I admittedly had a lot of leftover food when I made all five of these recipe cards over the course of two weeks. I recommend using the iPhone app VSCO Cam to take your photos, as I find it easy to edit the photos right within the app.

Step 2:

Once you’ve made the dishes and taken photos, you can start laying out your recipe cards. My design is super simple. I chose a serif heading font and a sans serif body copy. I added a couple lines to break up the headings and paragraphs within the body copy.

Step 3:

Get your cards printed at your local copy shop or print them using a photo printer at home and send them to family + friends!

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DIY Photo Recipe Cards