January 2018 Shopping Ban Update

I decided to complete a year-long shopping ban in 2018. This decision is inspired by personal finance blogger Cait Flanders who did her own shopping ban in 2015 and 2016. Check out her budgeting and shopping ban resources!

How I’m Feeling Sans Shopping

I’ve had a lot going on this month: full-time coding bootcamp plus a couple writing projects. This has left little time to think about shopping. Overall I’m feeling lighter and more focused. When shopping isn’t an option, my days are more open to really put all my focus on the task at hand.

I did have one moment where I wanted to buy a non-essential item: one of my favorite graphic t-shirt companies put many designs on super sale. Shirts that were normally $65 on sale for $26! After the feeling of want came and left, I moved on with my day.

I have absolutely everything I need and want. I feel grateful and whole.

New Habits

  • Renting books from the library
  • Walking or riding the bus (this isn’t necessarily a new habit, but rather a continuation of something I started in 2015)

January Purchases

  • A small light that clips onto my book or kindle — $2.99 (I had some money leftover on an Amazon gift card)
  • It is one of my goals to read more books in 2018, so I figured this purchase wasn’t entirely frivolous.
  • Postage to return and replace a Christmas gift — $38
  • A small gift for a classmate — $6.50

Budgeting Is Fun!

In addition to not shopping I started keeping a budget. This has been extremely helpful in figuring out where my money is going and reflect on the purchases that made me most happy or grateful.

Money & Creativity Are Correlated

Money is a tool that we can use to accomplish our goals and bring us closer to the life we want to live. In my experience, creative freedom and financial security go hand-in-hand. It’s difficult to focus on creative projects when I’m worried about paying rent or buying groceries.

Want More Money + Minimalism?

I don’t consider myself a personal finance blogger, so I probably won’t talk about money here except for these monthly updates. Here are my favorite personal finance/minimalism blogs, if you’re interested in delving deeper!

  • The Luxe Strategist — Luxe buys $400 shoes and saves half her paycheck
  • Four Pillar Freedom — Zac’s blog rests on four main principles: (1) Philosophy — identify your “why”, (2) Psychology — spend less, (3) Work Ethic — increase income, (4) Finances — grow wealth
  • Cait Flanders — The inspiration for my shopping ban. She just came out with a book about living with less.
  • Tiny Ambitions — Britt writes about minimalism, simple living, and her journey toward buying a tiny home
  • Frugal Hackers — A couple that lives super frugally in San Francisco

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