On Making Work You're Proud Of

I recently met up with a friend who works as a Concept Artist at Meow Wolf, an immersive interactive art experience in Santa Fe, NM. He showed me some of the 3D models he created for a new exhibit in Denver. I flipped through images of ice cathedrals and portals to alternate dimensions while he described his creative process and answered all my questions. I could tell he was proud of this work. He smiled as we talked, his energy magnetic and glowing.

I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. My friend gets to make work he’s proud of as his full-time job. He spends 40+ hours every week creating magical experiences for kids and adults and gets paid for it. Doesn’t that sound like the dream!?

But before I let myself dive too deep into the pool of creative jealousy, I stopped myself.

Just because your day job isn’t 100% creatively fulfilling, doesn’t mean you can’t live each day with purpose and make progress toward your dreams.

Here are two questions to jumpstart your creative process:

  • What does “making work you’re proud of” mean to you?

  • What small step can you take this week to start making this dream a reality?

I’m not advising you to start a side hustle or earn extra income outside your day job. Just take one small step toward living a more creative, fulfilling life. Maybe this means starting a writing ritual, taking an online class, or signing up for the next open mic night at a local coffee shop.

Making work you’re proud of, work that matters, might not be your full-time job like it is for my friend who works at Meow Wolf. But you can still make it your purpose to add a little creative magic to your life and the lives of others.

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