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4 Page Guide: Resources and Habits To Jumpstart A Creative Lifestyle

Start implementing creative habits and routines while still working your non-creative 9-5 job.

*Updated January 2019*

Free Downloadable Stock Photography

Stock Imagery

Mostly flat-lays with a fun, vintage vibe!


Creative Manifesto

For me, writing a creative manifesto is an essential place to start any new creative venture. It's like a written reminder of your commitment to something bigger than yourself, to a creative purpose, and the Universe. You can download mine here and fill in your own name! (But I do recommend you use mine as a guide and write your own — it's way more fun that way!)


Creativity Is An Action Workbook

A workbook for people who want to find their creative groove, start and finish big, scary creative projects, and take actionable steps toward their dreams.


How To Start Thinking Like A Minimalist

A short guide for getting into a decluttering + mindful consumer mindset